Welcome to the Kirtley Model Buildings website. I specialise in handbuilt model buildings in all scales and complete layouts and dioramas in all scales from 4mm scale to Gauge 3. 

I offer a building service for complete layouts in all scales from 4mm to 16mm including narrow gauge, which can be built in my workshop for delivery once complete or built in-situ in your room.  Please note however that very large layouts have to be built in situ due to space constraints in my workshop. I am happy to build UK protoypes from any period or overseas layouts and to do the necessary research before beginning work. 

Baseboards are constructed from plywood with timber bracing and can include an integral backscene and support legs as required. I use brass dowels for alignment, and layouts can be built to be fixed or portable. 

Track can be laid using ready to use track such as Peco or hand built track and points using C&L components, depending on the scale of the layout. This is ballasted, painted and weathered to look highly realistic. 

The layout is wired for DCC operation - please note that I do not built DC layouts or control panels.  I use a Lenz 100 DCC sysytem unless a different system is preferred and point and signal contol is generally done using the hand held controller. I use Hoffmann point motors, which are quiet, reliable and on which the speed can be adjusted to suit. 

I specialise in scenery and buildings and do all the scenic work on a layout, including backscenes, bridges and other such structures, landscaping and platforms once the track has been laid. I finish a layout to the highest standards as shown in the pictures below, and the work can be done in my workshop or at the location of the layout. 

I can reproduce a real scene exactly or create an imgainary scene in consulation with you set in any period with approriate vehicles, street furniture and figures.  

On completion all the work carries a six month warranty. 

To enquire about commissioning such work please e-mail me with details of your layout and I can give you an initial quote.

The pictures below illustrate some of the layouts I have built over the last few years.  
A 7mm scale layout representing a pier station on the LBSCR in 1889. 

Above left is a  French loco shed is the mid 1950's, modelled in 0 gauge. 

Above is an LBSCR station in the 1880s, modelled in 7mm scale. 

To the left and below is Berkeley Road and the Severn Bridge in 4mm scale; the station is built to scale. 
On the right is a 00 gauge layout built into a room and completed in the Summer of 2018.

Below is a French loco depot in 0 gauge, built in 2018.