Welcome to the Kirtley Model Buildings website. I specialise in handbuilt model buildings in all scales and complete layouts and dioramas in all scales from 4mm scale to Gauge 3. 


​My building papers are printed in colour fast ink on top quality A4 paper. Because the images are all produced from photographs they look very realisitc, yet they are really easy to use.

The flint and brick walls on this pub are printed on paper, as are the clay tiles on the roof and the curtains in the windows. 

I wouldn't want to try and paint a flint wall, and if I did it certainly wouldn't look as good as this. 

Look at the brick on this Gauge 1 model of Culham station building. It looks like real brick because it's a photograph of real brick. You can't get more realsitic than that! 

One more picture to convince you! This is a 7mm scale model of New Biggin station on the Settle and Carlisle. 
You can see that it's a model because it's standing on a wooden board, but using printed papers for the walls and roof makes it look like a real building - you would never get all that variation of tone by painting it. 

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The papers come as printed A4 sheets, and it is easiest to cut out the shapes you need with a scalpel. I glue them to the building with Evostick which gives a little adjustment time...ignore what it says on the tube about letting it go tacky. Bostick and UHU work just as well, but don't use PVA or Copydex.

The paper can be folded and curved, of course, in fact the only limit is your imagination.

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​The building papers come as packs of four A4 sheets and cost £6 per pack plus postage. They are designed for 7mm scale, but I can print them in other scales as a special order at the same price, or at £10 per pack for A3 sheets for large scales.

My standard range is illustrated below; if you can't see what you want e-mail me, I've got hundreds of pictures so I can probably find you something suitable.